People Place Partnership - Dongara and Port Denison, WA

This item is about the people in a small but resourceful regional community in Dongara - Port Denison (Western Australia) who have strong attachments to the place in which they live and a thriving capacity for volunteering and partnerships. It is also about the way the small but innovative Shire of Irwin local government utilised community engagement and treated strategic partnerships to help the community develop place-based strategies to improve climate change related environmental sustainability and resilience. Read More

Annual State of the Beaches Report 2017-2018

Recreational water quality has been monitored in New South Wales by the Office of Environment and Heritage’s Beachwatch Program since 1989, and in partnership with coastal councils since 2002 under the Beachwatch Partnership Program. This report summarises the performance of 241 swimming sites along the NSW coast in 2017–2018, providing a long-term assessment of how suitable a site is for swimming. Read More