VIC Meet & Greet update

The Victorian Chapter recently held a Meet and Greet in Melbourne at The European Restaurant. While we wined and dined we gave a short update on what’s happening on the coastal frontline in Victoria and later introduced Naomi Edwards, the younger Australian Coastal Society founding coordinator who also passionately shared her vision for 2015.

We also welcomed new members from the community non-for-profit sector, industry and local government.

Together with our committee members Helen Martin and Werner Hennecke, we also had some vibrant discussion on the role of current technology and communications with ACS Members as directed by the well-known media personality, Rob Gell and his wife, Mandy.

The following items below summarise the discussions. Many thanks to those who attended!

Sue Mudford
President: Victorian Chapter

Victorian Coast Update:
It is expected that the Regional Coastal Plans being developed by Gippsland, Central and Western Coastal Boards will be released soon. These Plans will supersede the current Coastal Action Plans and provide stronger consistency across the State. These Regional Coastal Plans have been delayed due to the recent election, change of Government and announcement of new Ministers. The Victorian ACS Chapter will be reviewing these plans and providing comment.

As part of the Labour Government election platform, the new Government has forecast a new Coast and Marine Act. Once again, the Victorian ACS Chapter will be looking to highlight key coastal issues and improved management strategies under this Act.

Other news includes the Port Phillip EcoCentre announcing new projects with the Association of Bayside Municipalities to fund a Port Phillip Bay Framework Plan.

2016 Coast to Coast
The 2016 National Coast to Coast conference will be hosted by the Victorian Coastal Council. Planning is underway with potential locations being either in Melbourne or Geelong. We have already started canvassing thoughts and ideas with members on what makes a successful conference and identifying key topics which might be covered. We understand that Victorian ACS Chapter will have representation on the planning committee to help guide a successful conference.

Coastal Talk, Thursday 26th February
The Victorian Coastal Council will convene a Science Panel on February 26th in Melbourne. Prof. Bruce Thom will be a guest speaker to discuss – well, coasts of course! For more information please visit

Opportunities for youth!
The younger Australian Coastal Society (yACS) was found in 2012 to capture the younger voices of coastal management. We believe we can achieve this by building opportunities for younger coastal champions to stand up and work together to future proof Australia’s coast.

yACS currently has mentoring opportunities available. To apply please visit

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