Invitation to comment – Coastal Zones: 21st Century Challenges

The following is an invitation from the organisation Marine Sciences for Society, to contribute to a submission to the upcoming United Nations Rio+20 conference. See following:

In preparation for the upcoming United Nations Rio+20 conference, we are spearheading an effort to collect the perspectives of academia concerning coastal zones.  Together with colleagues from various universities, including researchers from Mocton, Barcelona, Riga, and here in Versailles, etc, we are working to compile a comprehensive document that synthesises the challenges facing coastal zones in the 21st century.

Our intention is that every researcher contributes a brief section to the document, with the objective of uniting as many points of view as possible. Combined, these sections will make up a baseline document that will be presented November 1st as our contribution to the “Rio+20 Compilation Document” and, looking ahead to June 2012, will form part of a publication titled, “Coastal Zones: 21st Century Challenges”.

If you are interested in the idea and would like to participate, please email us before October 25th with a summary of your thoughts, in a text of 250 words or fewer, regarding the components that, in your opinion, constitute the challenges
for Coastal Zones.

Also, we encourage you to invite other researchers from  Australia to share their thoughts. If you know someone who may be interested, please direct them to our form through the following link:
We would greatly appreciate it if you would distribute word of our efforts as widely as possible.

We hope to read your contribution soon. Many thanks,
J. Baztan, PhD
Observatoire de Versailles Saint-Quentin
Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines
11, boulevard d’Alembert
78280 Guyancourt
Coordinator of Marine Sciences For Society