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18 May 11 @ 03:16am by ERROL SMITH

IT’S starting to sound like a broken record, but yet another study has found that a seawall at The Entrance would do nothing to improve Tuggerah Lakes or reduce flooding.

The report, commissioned by Wyong Council at a cost of $70,000, says it could increase erosion at The Entrance North and spell doom for residential properties.

Wyong Council’s environment and natural resources manager Greg White said he hoped it would once and for all silence proponents of such a scheme.

“It’s what we expected and what we have been saying for a long time,” Mr White said. “Extremely expensive seawalls have been built up and down the coast including at Forster and Noosa Heads and they have not been successful,” he said. “The same thing would happen here.

“Changing the dynamics would see the shoals disappear, severely disrupt sand movements at The Entrance North and even cause an undermining of the foundations of The Entrance bridge, as has happened at Swansea.

“There is absolutely nothing to be gained for an expenditure of between $40 and $60 million.”

The study was conducted by independent consultants Umwelt and SMEC and included a review of past investigations into the dynamics of the channel entrance and an analysis of historical photographs which revealed the nature of change around the channel entrance.

Its findings supported the council’s dredging program and provided no support for a seawall.

The study can be viewed in the May 11 council meeting business paper at

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