Vic DSE Considers Black Rock Beach Renourishment Australia

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Beach users are fighting plans to build a groyne at Half Moon Bay. The Department of Sustainability and Environment is considering installing a sandbag groyne at the Black Rock beach.  Beach widening and sand renourishments are also options being analysed in an effort to lessen possible erosion.

Sandringham Foreshore Association president Vicki Karalis said the potential 8-10m groyne was not needed and would destroy the visual amenity of the area. “The feeling from the community is we don’t want a groyne,” she said. “There is no evidence of beach erosion, so there is no need for one.”

DSE spokeswoman Kim Payne said a groyne was being considered but no decision had yet been made. “Renourishment of the beach at Half Moon Bay would provide added protection and buffer to storms and to prevent erosion, improving the beach experience for all visitors,” Ms Payne said. “A coastal engineer is currently undertaking a thorough review of the coastal processes before developing a preferred beach renourishment design. “It is unknown at this stage if a structure is required. However, if it is, the size, shape, texture and colour will be carefully considered to be sympathetic to the environment.”

A community meeting to discuss the idea will be held at a date still to be set.

via Dredging Today – DSE Considers Black Rock Beach Renourishment Australia.