Sydney Theatre Company presents “The Wentworth Talks” – ACCOUNTING FOR NATURE Professor Bruce Thom, Jane McDonald & Dr Neil Byron

In partnership with the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists, Sydney Theatre Company presents The Wentworth Talks, a series of free bi-monthly presentations and panel discussions at The Wharf led by guest speakers addressing a wide range of topics relating to climate change and the environment.

We encourage you to get in early and book your seats by calling the STC Box Office on (02) 9250 1777 or visiting Please note: Tickets are limited to 2 per customer.

Professor Bruce Thom, Jane McDonald & Dr Neil Byron

Public policy decisions on population, water reform, climate change and food security are taking place in a vacuum because we have no accounting system in place that measures the impact these pressures are having on the health of our environment.

Economic accounts present a statistical picture of the structure of the economy and the detailed processes that make up its production and distribution. This information is used by Treasury, the Reserve Bank, government agencies, financial markets, businesses and individuals, to guide policy and inform investment decisions.

It took nearly a century of the industrial revolution to pass before we recognised the value of systematically collecting and reporting economic statistics and developed the capacity to do so. When we did, we fundamentally changed the way we manage our economy.

If we are to achieve our goal of healthy and productive landscapes, Australia needs to apply this same discipline to manage our natural capital. If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

Conflicts over water, clearing of native vegetation, mining and urban settlement tend to be resolved without reference to science.

Australia desperately needs a system to measure the condition of its natural resources. The Wentworth Group is driving both domestic and international initiatives that will underpin improved decision making and investment for the environment.

Bruce Thom, Jane McDonald and Neil Byron will discuss the merits of the Wentworth Group approach to environmental accounts.

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