Geological indicators of seabed mobility - Narrabeen Beach (Sydney, Australia)

There are many gems hidden in the unpublished literature. They can reflect our knowledge from decades ago but are just as relevant to our understanding of shoreline evolution and coastal processes today as they were when first prepared. One such report, prepared for the Australian and Overseas Telecommunications Corporation in 1988, is "Seabed mobility in south-eastern Australia - the Narrabeen Beach embayment". Read More

Higher Tides

Recently the NSW media was, well, awash with news articles on the high tides being experienced along the NSW coast. What caused the higher tides and how do they compare with historic tide levels? Read More

Queensland Coastal Conference 2017 - Ten years in the making

Cast you mind back ten years to the year 2007. I was a young Master’s student doing my research on the carrying capacity and usage of Gold Coast beaches. A newbie at the Griffith Centre for Coastal Management, I was given the opportunity to attend and present at the inaugural Queensland Coastal Conference in Bundaberg. Excited, myself and a few colleagues decided to road trip it up to the home of Queensland rum. Read More

Hurricane Harvey and its implications

The massive losses in Texas reminds us again of the consequences of the capacity of tropical cyclones to wreak havoc. While it sets records for its impact due to overwash, erosion and of course flooding, it is not alone in recent years of demonstrating the power of such events. Read More