Big surf at Port Fairy (Victoria) - April 2021

Main Image

Differential wave setup over access road/breakwater/causeway to Griffiths Island May 2009 (James Phillips)

A recent storm event at Port Fairy in Victoria saw large waves drive boulders from the shore and across coastal roads. While locals and tourists inspected the extraordinary scene, James Carley from the UNSW Water Research Laboratory shows that the event is not without precedent, with similar events having occurred in the past, including in 2009, and anticipated by detailed modelling of coastal hazards conducted for the Moyne Shire Council. See James's article here

Postscript: This article prompted other ACS followers to provide some pictures of stones thrown ashore during big storms. These images (Image 1 and Image 2) are from Dave Hanslow and were taken at Swansea Heads (Reids Reserve) in NSW following large waves in 2016.