Picture of Nick Harvey

Nick Harvey

ACS Chair and SA Chair

Nick is an Emeritus Professor at the University of Adelaide. He is currently Vice-President and Life Member of the Australian Coastal Society. Formerly he was Director of the Centre for Coastal Research at the University of Adelaide; Vice-Chair of the international scientific steering committee for ‘Land-Ocean Interactions in the Coastal Zone’ (Netherlands) and a member of the South Australian Government’s Coast Protection Board. Nick was also one of the Lead Authors for the 4th Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which in 2007 was jointly awarded the Nobel Peace prize. Nick has over 40 years experience in coastal research, over 200 publications including scientific papers and books. Nick can be contacted at austcoastsoc@gmail.com


Picture of Saeed Shaeri

Saeed Shaeri

Secretary and Director

Saeed pursued a professional engineering portfolio for about 11 years in various client, consultant, and contractor companies in a number of onshore, nearshore and offshore projects, before commencing his PhD research with a particular emphasis on nearshore hydrodynamics and sediment transport. After completing his PhD research, and concurrent with the teaching of various civil/mechanical engineering courses at Griffith University, Saeed worked for the Gold Coast City Council in the Natural Hazard Management team as a senior environmental modeller, conducting computerised simulations of hydrodynamics and water quality. Saeed is currently a Lecturer in Engineering at Charles Sturt University, teaching and conducting research regarding hydrodynamic simulation of riverine and coastal environments, analysis of field measurements data, and climate change impact on coastal environments. Saeed can be contacted via austcoastsocsecretary@gmail.com.

Picture of Carmen Elrick-Barr

Carmen Elrick-Barr

Vice Chair, Director and WA Chair

Carmen is a geographer with over 15-years’ experience working in coastal environments. Her passion for the coast was evident from a young age, when she would travel over an hour to get to the beach. This passion has developed into a professional career, where Carmen seeks to contribute to the sustainable management of coastal areas. 

Her areas of expertise range from program design, training, risk assessment and adaptation planning, policy review, and social geographical research. Examples include working in partnership with the Kiribati government to design a risk assessment and adaptation planning approach consistent with country capacity, designing monitoring and evaluation frameworks for climate change support programs in the Pacific, mainstreaming climate change into ICZM in the Mediterranean, and exploring the capacity of coastal households to respond to climate change in Australia. Carmen has worked in the Pacific, Asia and Australia for National, State and Local governments and Development Agencies. 

Carmen can be contacted here: austcoastsocwa@gmail.com

Picture of Barbara Norman

Barbara Norman

Vice Chair and Director

Professor Barbara Norman is the Foundation Chair of Urban and Regional Planning and Director of Canberra Urban and Regional Futures (CURF) at the University of Canberra. Professor Norman is Chair of the ACT Climate Change Council and a Visiting Fellow at the Australian National University. Barbara is a Life Fellow and past national president of the Planning Institute of Australia and a Life Honorary Member of the Royal Town Planning Institute (UK). Barbara’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Town & Regional Planning, Masters of Environmental Law and a PhD on sustainable coastal planning. She also has a substantial professional background having worked at all levels of government and run her own practice. Her current research and teaching interests include sustainable cities and regions, coastal planning, climate change adaptation and urban governance. Barbara was a contributing author to IPCC 5 WG 2 report on Impacts 2013. Professor Norman advises the public and private sector in Australia and has strong international linkages within Asia, Europe and the United States. Barbara was awarded an Australian Centenary Medal for her contribution to the community through urban and regional planning.

Picture of John Davis

John Davis

Direcotr, Treasurer and Memberships Officer

John Davis is a sustainability pracademic who has spent most of his life in the coastal zone of Western Australia. Graduating in Agricultural Science launched him in international community development and natural resources management. More recently he completed a research project on policies and practices which encourage coastal stewardship.

John has worked around the Indian Ocean rim in government, non-government organisations and Universities as field worker, consultant and academic, hence adoption of the “pracademic” label. The unifying themes in his diverse interests are empowerment of people in communities and the quest for sustainable society. John is an adjunct lecturer at Sheridan College in Perth.

John can be contacted via acssoctreasurer@gmail.com



Picture of Bruce Thom

Bruce Thom

Patron and Lifetime Member

Known as the founding father of ACS, (Emeritus Professor) Bruce Thom is a member of the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists and Emeritus Professor at the University of Sydney.

In 2010, Bruce was awarded a member of the Order of Australia for his significant contribution to the ecological management of the coastal zone and as a contributor to public debate on natural resource policy. If you want some commentary on coastal management issues for the media, get in touch with Bruce via austcoastsoc@gmail.com

Picture of Cass Hayward

Cass Hayward

Communications Officer

Cass is the Australian Coastal Society communications contact. 

Cass is a coastal biodiversity project officer in the natural resource management sector. She is experienced in restoring coastal and island ecosystems, monitoring threatened ecological communities and species and writing local coastal management plans. Cass lives and works in Mackay, and is also an active volunteer in Mackay and District Turtle Watch Association.

She loves snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef, riding horses and reading Matthew Reilly. 


If you want to get in contact, send an email at austcoastsoc@gmail.com

Picture of Jeska Dee

Jeska Dee

VIC Chair

Jeska has a background in wetland and waterway rehabilitation and operational coastal management such as cleaning programs, vegetation management, horticulture and coastal infrastructure. She also has significant experience in strategic coastal planning and project management which has included providing expert professional advice and guidance to Councils and the community in relation to coastal policy, planning and management. She is passionate about working with the community and stakeholders to deliver sustainable outcomes for marine and coastal environments. You can contact Jeska here: austcoastsocvic@gmail.com .

Picture of Mitchell Harley

Mitchell Harley

Direcotr and NSW Chair

Mitchell Harley is a Scientia Senior Lecturer in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UNSW Sydney. Mitchell is an expert in coastal erosion and how it impacts coastlines worldwide. His research entails the use of advanced monitoring technologies to enhance understanding and prediction of coastline change. After completing his PhD at UNSW in 2009, Mitchell spent 5 years in Europe leading developments of Early Warning Systems to forecast coastal erosion risk. Upon returning to Australia in 2015, he now leads the historic Collaroy-Narrabeen coastal monitoring program – one of the longest-running beach monitoring programs worldwide. In 2017 Mitchell founded the CoastSnap citizen science beach monitoring program that is now established in 16 countries worldwide. You can contact Mitchell at austcoastsoc@gmail.com

Picture of Joanne Ludbrook

Joanne Ludbrook


Joanne has been a passionate coastal volunteer and practitioner for 20 years. Joanne is the President of the Australian Coastal Society (ACS) and a committee member of the Western Australian Landcare Network. Joanne has been the Coastal Adaptation Coordinator for the Peron Naturaliste Partnership since 2011. Joanne also runs Inter-Nature Interpretations and is currently working with both the South West and Peel Coastal Management Group and Woolkabunning Kiaka Inc. as a Facilitator /Project Coordinator. Jo can be contacted at austcoastsoc@gmail.com


Picture of Chris Rees

Chris Rees

Tasmania Chair

After mapping Seagrass around Tasmania in 1993 Chris worked for the Tas government implementing the State Coastal Policy (1996), and coordinating Coastcare and other Commonwealth programs from their inception.

Although he left the bureaucracy in 2011 he has remained passionate about Tassie’s coast, in particular, lobbying for a new and better coastal policy through ACS and an affiliated group TasCA (Tas Coastal Alliance) specifically formed for the purpose.  Chris is currently a (very) part-time research fellow at IMAS (UTAS) and his interests include coastal leadership. Share your thoughts, find out what’s going on, or even get involved by contacting Chris at austcoastsoc@gmail.com